Architecting a solution based on, possibly, unfamiliar technology can be a daunting prospect. Our consultants have extensive expertise in taking anything from: a base list of requirements with a greenfield development; to a rewrite of an existing system; to a new component to plug into an existing architecture. They have an understanding of complex issues such as security, scaleability and availability.


The design of a system, sub-system or component can be crucial to the success of a project. Our consultants can make sure this crucial phase gives you an efficient and flexible solution.


Sometimes you either don't have enough resource or you are faced with a component that is highly complex or based in a technology where you have little experience. In these situations, our consultants can provide the expertise to make sure your development stays on track.


You have a project that involves a technology where your team is just getting up to speed. Our consultants can help your team acheive real excellence by working as part of the team and providing on the job advice, review and workshops.

Architectural/Code Review

Once you have plans in place for how you are going to develop a system, how do you know you haven't accidently taken a blind alley based on a, possibly false, assumption? Our consultants can provide that "sanity check" to make sure your project proceeds on a sound footing.


You have a bug that your team just can't track down. Our consultants have the experience to dig down into the system and work out what is going wrong and provide a sound solution.

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