# Saturday, October 06, 2012
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“Who moved my Cheese” was how a number of people at Microsoft have characterized people’s reaction to Windows 8. In other words – “all the stuff you need is there, I know its uncomfortable that we changed things but its just cosmetic”.

To a degree this characterization is right that mostly existing functionality it there just you access it in different ways – and there is new functionality that we didn’t have before. However there is a bigger issue with Windows 8 – one of chocolate.

The Windows 8 desktop is cheese – that’s users’ familiar world prior to Windows 8. But in Windows 8 we have another way to access functionality – one that’s tablet friendly, iPad user friendly, touch friendly – that’s not cheese, that’s chocolate – people love chocolate! Finally Windows has a world that means they are not offering cheese to those chocophiles and that can only be a good thing from Microsoft’s perspective.

I’m a professional software developer basing most of my work in the Windows world. I’ve used Windows heavily since Windows 3.1 and I’ve (mostly) liked the evolution of the operating system. I currently run a big multicore machine with two high-resolution monitors for software development. The important thing for me is being able to have my development environment (Visual Studio 2012 now) as my focus but have my email, browser windows, Skype, a few Windows explorer windows, VSphere, Excel, Powerpoint and many other applications running concurrently and being able to have many of the visible at the same time correlating data between them - all of these are cheese applications.

I have been running Windows 8 for a while and really like the immersive nature of many of the “Modern Windows” (or Chocolate) applications – especially as I can run these on one monitor and have my Cheese applications running on the other monitor. And if I need to, both of my monitors can be cheese based if I have a bunch of cheese like things going on.

The problem is I just don’t like Windows 8.

It’s the damn Windows key.

If I’m in the mood for chocolate then I really like chocolate – and if you always offer me chocolate I’m very happy.

But actually I’m a savory guy – I spend most of my time wanting cheese. When I press the windows key you offer me chocolate and I select cheese – if I had to do that once I would be OK with that but every single time I want cheese you say “Aha! I think you want some chocolate” Dammit! I’ve chosen cheese every time for the last hour I obviously don’t want chocolate at the moment!

OK I’ve done that metaphor to death. The problem with windows 8 is you force me to context switch every time I want to run another desktop application. It is disruptive and painful as a user experience. If I’m in the desktop world then please, please let me start another desktop application without going via Metro.

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